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Where do Alegria shoes come from?

Alegria Shoes were put on this earth to make our feet happy! Alegria, meaning Happiness are by far our best selling comfort shoes for women. We import our Alegria Shoes directly from sunny California where a healthy dose of sunshine has been injected into each and every style. Produced and manufactured by a company called PG Lite, these shoes, boots and sandals are packed full of comfort technology and style in equal measure. Our Alegria customers come back time and time again for alternative styles and colours. The Alegria Shoe range has been developed with technical features such as a memory foam padded footbed which moulds to the natural shape of your feet - suporting in all the right areas. The Alegria styles tht we sell all have a rocker sole which helps to alleviate the pressure on your toes and joints as you walk and also helps to promote 'proper' posture and gait.



Key Features

Alegria Footbed Diagram

The Alegria Perfect Fit Footbed

Alegria design and manufacture their own patented Anatomic Footbed which moulds to the natural shape of your foot and offers fantastic arch support. You really feel the benefit of the memory foam layer which helps to create this 'Perfect Fit'

1. Patented inter-locking footbed system
2. 'Perfect Fit' cork base
3. Memory foam layer - moulds perfectly to any foot
4. Soft 'skin feel' suede and leather linings

alegria Rocker Outsole

The Mild Rocker Outsole

The rocker outsole has been engineered to roll naturally - like the foot when you walk. This mild rocking action will take pressure off your heel and toes as well as encouraging proper posture and gait.  The sole unit is also flat on the bottom giving you lots of stability in these shoes. Whats more - they are anti-slip!

1. The rocking shape outsole encourages a natural walking motion and better body alignment.

Alegria Shoes Diagram

Roomy Toe Box

The Alegria toe box in the styles that we sell at Ownshopbiz allow for plenty of wiggle room which is ideal for women who are on their feet all day. Alegria styles are slightly wider than you will find on the USA High Street and are certainly unique in both bright and every day colours.

1. Lots of colour choice and a roomy interior make the Alegria styles we sell at Ownshopbiz the perfect choice for all day comfort and unique style.