Stylish comfortable women's shoes from Ownshopbiz

Whether you have problem feet or need to wear shoes that are comfortable enough to wear for long periods, finding a pair that feels just as good as they look can prove to be a real challenge. Here at Ownshopbiz we invest a great deal of time and energy into choosing shoes we know our customers will love but how do you choose a pair that will be comfortable enough for your feet?

You’ve got to have sole!

First things first and we thought we’d start with the bottom of the shoe and work our way up! A good pair of comfortable women’s shoes will have a decent sole and whilst this doesn’t necessarily rule out buying a pair of heels, it’s important to know what to look for. Cushioned or rubber soles will feel much more comfortable in comparison to thin, flat soles as it’s the thick cushioning that supports your feet whilst you walk. A heel doesn’t mean that the shoes will be uncomfortable but if you do prefer shoes with a little height, it’s often shoes with a wedge heel that prove to be the most comfortable.

Many of our shoes are designed with removable insoles; this is a design feature to look out for if you have to use your own orthotic insoles or if your feet are prone to swelling as the insoles can be removed to slightly enlarge the fit. Shoes with a ‘rocker sole’ can be great if you have stand for long periods during the day, for example whilst you’re at work. A rocker sole is thicker than average and has a rounded heel and are designed to ensure that the foot isn’t completely flat and encourages a subtle rocking effect when you walk, helping to alleviate conditions such as arthritis. If you’d like to try a rocker sole, Alegria is one of our most popular rocker sole brands and our current range includes a fabulous range of stylish shoes, perfect for work or the weekend!

Adjustable straps

Shoes with adjustable straps can really help problem feet as the width of the shoe can be tweaked to suit your feet without affecting the look of the shoe. By adjusting the straps you’ll be able to ensure your shoes fit without being so loose that they fall off when you walk! Many of the styles we sell include adjustable straps and whether you’re looking for casual shoes or sandals; our collection has something for everyone!

Slip on shoes designed to stay on

Slip on shoes can often be a no-go for comfort seekers but our range includes a range of ingenious slip on shoes, designed to stay on the feet without feeling tight or pinching. Our Waldlaufer Hegli loafers are a good example as they feature an elastic insert on either side of the shoe, designed to hold the shoe securely to your foot. Perfect!

The team here at Ownshopbiz live, eat and breathe shoes so if you would like more advice on buying the perfect pair of comfortable women’s shoes, why not get in touch?