How frustrating is it when your orthotic keeps moving around in your new lovely shoes or sandals. Here is a great tip for you to help keep them well and truly in their place and your feet as comfortable as possible.

Use sticky back Velcro or double-sided sticky tape to stop your orthotic moving around

  1. Take the removable insoles out so that you make the most of the extra depth that this feature gives you
  2. Fix one side of the sticky back velcro or double-sided sticky tape underneath your orthotic in as many places as you feel comfortable, we would suggest at least at the front and back
  3. Peel the protective tape back from the under side of the velcro or double-sided tape and place your orthotic in your shoe or sandal in the position that  you want it to stay
  4. Press down firmly, pop your feet in and stand up to fix the orthotic firmly in place
  1. If you have a 3/4 length orthotic then take the removable insole out of the sandal and place you orthotic on top of it. Draw a line across the remoable insole where your 3/4 length orthotic ends and then cut along this line. Complete steps 1 - 4 above for both your orthotic and the front section of the removable insole.

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Let us know your own hints and tips for keeping your orthotic insoles or other problem feet aids firmly in their place.

Thanks for reading from Jo and Kate, Ownshopbiz