Ladies Comfortable Work Shoes

Finding Comfortable Shoes for work that look great and feel even better can be a challenge. Luckily for you, at Ownshopbiz we are trying to make this even easier for you by finding comfortable ladies shoes that are smart for work and still provide you with all the comfort you need to make your feet feel great all day long.

Wearing high heels or cramming your feet into flat pumps all day long are both extremes of what not to wear when you are on your feet all day. The pumps will lead to your feet swelling and spreading whilst the high heels will leave your calf muscles stretched and your toes squashed.

What to look for is a Comfortable Work Shoe

  • * Firstly make sure that the shoe fits! Most of  our ladies shoes come in half sizes making it even easier to find the perfect fit. If you are not sure what size you are then pop into a local shoe retailer and asked to be measure. You may be surprised that you are no longer the perfect size 5 that you were in your 20's!
  • * Are you shoes wide enough? As we get older, some of us find that we need  wider fitting shoes when we used to. We are not talking about really wide fitting here, however a good E  fitting may be more suitable for you if you are up and about at work all day. A comfortable shoe that is a wider fit will allow room for inevitable swelling that takes place during the working day
  • * Look for a slight wedge or block heel as this will spread the pressure on your feet more evenly (hurray we still get some extra height)!!
  • * Adjustability is good. A good ladies comfortable shoe is one that allows your feet to behave is as 'normal' a way as possible. Adjustable straps and laces allow you to adjust the shoe all day long for a secure and comfortable fit.
  • * Look out for Removable Insoles you can take them out and pop in your own orthotic or take one or the other out for a bit of extra depth and width.

Comfortable Work Shoes from Ownshopbiz

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