No problem, we have the perfect solution for you. Lots of our customers have problems finding comfortable shoes and sandals for the summer months that look attractive and cover up the bit of themselves that they don't like the most.....their feet. Hammer Toes, Bunions, Corns & Calluses can make us groan in anticipation of the summer months as we look on in envy at scantily clad feet in lovely stylish comfortable sandals.

Comfortable Shoes for the Summer

At Ownshopbiz we always try to provide a selection of footwear that will give you the ventilation needed to keep feet cool during summer and allow you to step out in style and feel good about yourself. These are some of the Summer Shoes that we have that not only look good on but feel great too! Click on a Shoe to find out more details.

Mephisto Shoes - Suzanna, Sprint & Niro

Click Here to view Mephisto Cool Air Suzanna Mephisto Niro Mephisto Sprint

Alegria Shoes - Dusty & Pesco

Click Here to view Alegria Dusty Now Click Here to view Alegria Pesca Now

Theresia M Shoes - Houston Mule 

Click Here to view Theresia M Houston Mule now

Waldlaufer Shoes - Hadya Pump

Click Here to view Waldlaufer Hadya Now