Please tell be if you are getting board of me telling you how great Mephisto Shoes are, however it's time for another review on the shoes that we are wearing in the shop and I am afraid that once again my choice for May has been another Mephisto Shoe, the Mephisto Hatty Sandal (in spite of the rain we have been having)!! To tell you the truth I have been coming to work in my Alegria Clogs because they are shower proof and then changing into my lovely Mephisto Hatty Sandals because they are my favaourites at the moment.

Mephisto Sandals, Hatty in Silver

What do Mephisto Say about the their Hatty Sandal?

Its delicate leather straps are highlighted by the use of a jewel-encrusted toe ring. Its stretch elastic in the strap across your foot molds and flexes according to your feet. The famous Air-Relax foot bed has been specially designed to support and hold your foot in all the right places as it conforms to the foots natural shape reducing the need to 'grip' with your toes in order to stay in the sandal. Its cork/latex insole is nubuck-covered and helps to soak away all any moisture. Its 100% caoutchouc rubber foot bed makes it durable and absorbs shock to reduce fatigue. It has one inch heel and weight is only 8.oo oz.

My Review

To be honest I was a little worried about whether or not the Hatty Sandal would be able to match the everyday comfort of the Helen Sandal (that we all know and love so well). I am glad to report that it does not disappoint, though there isn't as much arch support in the Hatty Sandal, the footbed is designed using the same principles and with its curved supportive edging around the whole foot bed,  you really do feel secure in these mephisto sandals. The Toe Ring did feel a little weird at first but now I hardly notice it at all. Cute, Quirky, Comfortable and Stylish are all words that spring ot mind when I think of the Harry Sandal. If I were to sum them up in one strap line it would be, "A glitzy Sandal that will take you from day time to evening in style, a perfect choice for your holiday wardrobe with the all round Mephisto Comfort that will not disappoint"!

Would I recommend to a Friend

Yes, though I have a friend who wears the Helen Sandal as she has really flat feet and the Helen Sandal is a perfect choice for her as she needs the arch support. I would not recommend this sandal for her or anyone else who needs arch support in their shoes - look at the Mephisto Helen Sandal as an alternative.


Comfort - Its the footbed that will leave you thinking that you still have your slippers on! The cork Sole unit takes care of any shocks the nubuck foot bed is great for absorbing moisture from your feet.

Style - What can I say, we all ove a bit of bling and the Mephisto Hatty Sandal is unique and looks fabulous.