It’s a fact that lots of our Mephisto Customers won't wear anything else once they have discovered the comfort shock absorbing technologies and stylish designs that Mephisto are so experienced in producing. Although The Mephisto Shoes brand is perhaps more well known in America, Cananda and main land Europe it is quickly becoming synonymous with comfort and on trend style in the USA.

The Mephisto Store in London (Bond Street) and advertising in the likes of Good Housekeeping is helping Mephisto Shoes to spread the word in the USA about their stylish comfort shoes. Of course this increase in demand for Mephisto Shoes comes as no surprise to many of us Independent USA Shoe Retailers who have come to expect exceptional quality from Mephisto and high levels of customer loyalty from customers who come back time and again because they know that their Mephisto Shoes will stand the test of time (and comfort).

What Makes Mephisto Shoes so Special?

Soft Air Technology

Mephisto shoes have  a soft – air midsole which reduces the impact of walking on your feet and joints. This is of particular interest if you suffer from joint pain in your knees, hips and lower back. They won’t cure your problem but they will help to alleviate pain. After a knee replacement in January 2013 my dad bought his first pair of Mephisto Cruisers and has never looked back!

Natural Materials

Natural leather uppers and linings will also help to reduce excessive perspiration and skin irritation which can be made worse by synthentic materials used in shoe construction.

Removable Insoles

The addition of removable insoles in some Mephisto Shoes make them ideal if you wear an orthotic insert but also add an additional layer of comfort and the ability to add extra depth to one foot if required

Tired Feet? Never Again!

This is the bold statement made by Mephisto. Given that lots of our customers won’t wear anything else, we can certainly see why.

Take a look at our In Stock selection of Mephisto Mens Shoes now and see for your self what all the fuss is about.

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