Softwaves Shoes

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We've gone for an everyday comfort & style collection with Comfortable Ankle Boots and Stylish Comfort Shoes. If we are happy with the range then we will look to expand over the coming seasons.

Softwaves Shoes with Removable Insoles


All Softwaves Shoes have removable Insoles (hurray)! So, if you need to wear your own orthotic insoles then these may work for you.

Softwaves Shoes for a Perfect Fit

You'll find that Softwaves Shoes often have key comfort shoes features such as elastic inserts alongside zips for that added adjustability. We all come in different shapes and sizes and Softwaves design and attention to detail recognises this.

Softwaves Shoes are Lightweight and Flexible

The Softwaves Shoes range is designed to be lightweight - an extension to your feet if you like. The sole units are both strong and flexible and will move with your feet as you walk. The soles are also anti-slip which is ideal for our typical British weather.